• Engineer5


    DEMAND NUMBER: 4 person

    [ DUTY ]

    1, risk control system: according to the group's risk control system and company management requirements, the construction of the company's risk control system;
    2, the bottom line management: organization of various departments to sort out the risk points, and set the bottom line management;
    3, contract management: review the legality of the contract, to avoid legal risks;
    4, legal disputes: responsible for the company's legal disputes lead treatment.


    1, under the age of 30, bachelor degree or above, through the national judicial examination, more than 3 years of relevant work experience;
    2, proficient in company law, contract law, intellectual property law and other relevant laws and regulations and the relevant national policies, the above regulations have some practical experience;
    3, familiar with the domestic and foreign capital investment, financing, mergers and acquisitions legal affairs, with domestic and foreign business negotiation skills, with practical experience in litigation;
    4, strong communication and coordination ability, rigorous thinking, good expression ability and persuasion.